Thursday, July 21st Author Literary Luncheon

Held at the Wequassett Resort in the Garden Terrace

Check-in Begins at 11:30 / Luncheon Begins at noon

The Island of Worthy Boys by Connie H. Mayo

In Boston at the turn of the century, two indigent adolescent boys, Aidan and Charles, are brought together by a common desire: earning enough money each day to feed themselves (and, in Aidan’s case, his mother and sister). Together, they achieve this goal by robbing drunken sailors in the brothel district of the city—until one night they accidentally kill their victim. To avoid arrest, they leave the city, conning their way into an island school that only accepts boys with squeaky-clean pasts. But the pressure of keeping their stories straight soon fractures their friendship—and when the cracks begin to show, they find out that they are not as safe from the law as they had hoped.

"The Island of Worthy Boys" won the 2016 Gold Medal for Best Regional Fiction as awarded by the Independent Publisher Book Awards, was a 2015 Finalist for Historical Fiction from USA Best Book Awards, and a 2015 Finalist for Historical Fiction from the IndieFab Book of the Year Award.

Connie Hertzberg Mayo came to Massachusetts to get a literature degree from Tufts University, and never left. She first learned about Thompson Island shortly after graduation and immediately knew it was a great setting for a work of fiction, but it took twenty years and the rise of the Internet to make her feel like she could start researching and writing. She works as a Systems Analyst and lives in southern Massachusetts with her husband, two children, two cats, and her heirloom tomato garden. 

All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

The next blockbuster thriller for fans of Girl on a Train and Luckiest Girl Alive — with film rights already snapped up by Reese Witherspoon!

In the small, affluent town of Fairview, Connecticut, everything seems picture perfect. Until one night when young Jenny Kramer is attacked at a local party. In the hours immediately after, she is given a controversial drug to medically erase her memory of the violent assault. But, in the weeks and months that follow, as she heals from her physical wounds, and with no factual recall of the attack, Jenny struggles with her raging emotional memory.  Her father, Tom, becomes obsessed with his inability to find her attacker and seek justice while her mother, Charlotte, prefers to pretend this horrific event did not touch her perfect country club world.

As they seek help for their daughter, the fault lines within their marriage and their close-knit community emerge from the shadows where they have been hidden for years, and the relentless quest to find the monster who invaded their town–or perhaps lives among them–drive this psychological thriller to a shocking and unexpected conclusion.

Wendy Walker has worked as an attorney specializing in family law. She lives in Connecticut where she is at work on her next novel.

The Muralist by B. A. Shapiro

When Alizee Benoit, a young American painter working for the Works Progress Administration (WPA), vanishes in New York City in 1940, no one knows what happened to her. Not her Jewish family living in German-occupied France. Not her arts patron and political compatriot, Eleanor Roosevelt. Not her close-knit group of friends and fellow WPA painters, including Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and Lee Krasner. And, some seventy years later, not her great-niece, Danielle Abrams, who, while working at Christie's auction house, uncovers enigmatic paintings hidden behind works by those now famous Abstract Expressionist artists. Do they hold answers to the questions surrounding her missing aunt?

Entwining the lives of both historical and fictional characters, and moving between the past and the present, "The Muralist" plunges readers into the divisiveness of prewar politics and the largely forgotten plight of European refugees refused entrance to the United States. It captures both the inner workings of New York s art scene and the beginnings of the vibrant and quintessentially American school of Abstract Expressionism. As she did in her bestselling novel "The Art Forger," B. A. Shapiro tells a gripping story while exploring provocative themes. In Alizee and Danielle she has created two unforgettable women, artists both, who compel us to ask: What happens when luminous talent collides with unstoppable historical forces? Does great art have the power to change the world? "

B.A. Shapiro is the author of "The Art Forger," which was a New York Times bestseller, a #1 Indie Next Pick and the winner of the 2013 New England Book Award, among many other honors. Writing as Barbara Shapiro, she is also the author of five suspense novels and one non-fiction book. She lives in Boston and teaches creative writing at Northeastern University.