Sharks in the Park!

The Chatham Merchant's Association has sponsored another year of SHARKS IN THE PARK - beautiful, handpainted sharks created by local artists. 

Ours is an imaginative world of a child reading on a beach by the talented Deborah Fowler Greenwood. Learn more here!


Thank you for visiting our shop and looking for our gorgeous hand-painted whale: "A Child Who Reads Will Be an Adult Who Thinks." Stay tuned Summer 2018 for another round of a town-wide scavenger hunt! 



"Where are the Whales?" Scavenger Hunt

This year hand-painted whales are swimming in the shops for our summer visitors to find and win gifts from the Chatham Merchants Association, to be awarded at the end of September. There are 39 three-foot painted and decorated whales scattered in shops and businesses all around town; your challenge is to sight all of the whales, correctly identify which business or shop they are in, and hand your completed scavenger hunt booklet in for a chance to win one of five grand prizes.

We are delighted to be hosting a whale, which was decorated by one of our talented staff members! Deborah Buxton Goldberg designed and painted the beautiful whale above. Can you find it hidden in our bookstore? 

Where are the Whales headquarters are in the Downtown Visitor Information Booth where you can obtain the scavenger hunt booklets. Search your way through the various shops to match the whales to the correct location. Each person handing in a completed booklet will receive a prize.

The booklets are also available in participating downtown shops as well as the Captain Bassett House Visitor Center in South Chatham.