July 5th at 10am -Wednesday Story Time: On the Move (with Animals and Excavators!) Story Time

Anna Dewdney’s new “Little Excavator” and “Extremely Cute Animals Operating Heavy Machinery” are the featured books for this Story Time of (adorable) construction vehicles!

July 12th at 10am -Wednesday Story Time: “Fiddler Crabs” and “Polite Pirates” Story Time with mother-daughter author team Corinne Demas and Artemis Roehrig featuring their new books “Are Pirates Polite?” and “Does a Fiddler Crab Fiddle?”

July 19th at 10am -Wednesday Story Time: “A Shark! Named Jamison” Story Time with mother-daughter illustrators Consie Berghausen and Nina Berghausen.

A Shark! Named Jamison is the adventure and rescue of a juvenile great white  shark on the coast of Cape Cod during the summer of 2015. A surprise landing  for Jamison caused a surprise for the beach goers and unexpected rescue  opportunity.    In the new book, A Shark! Named Jamison, Consie and Nina Berghausen takes  on the challenge of creating a version of Jamison’s adventure written for the age  level of 5‐12 (K‐6). Their year‐long effort to perfect both the text and  illustrations of a colorful, fully illustrated book seems to have paid off.  

July 26th at 10am -Wednesday Story Time: Author and Illustrator Nancy Cote visits with a rollicking, funny, crafty Story Time for her new book Leonard's Beard.

August 2nd at 10am -Wednesday Story Time: Elephant and Piggie (of the Mo Willems book series) Character Visit and Story Time!

August 9th at 10am -Wednesday Story Time: Food Trucks Story Time! Books and food centered on these exceptionally fun vehicles.

August 16th at 10am -Wednesday Story Time:  Celebrating 75 Years of Little Golden Books Story Time


August 23rd at 10am -Wednesday Story Time: Brownies and “See You Next Year” Story Time